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Culinary House Savoury & Stir Fry

Our Savoury range is unique to Designer Foods. They are Premium Gourmet dressings.

All of our savouries are hand crafted in small batches and contain high content best quality fruits and vegetables.


Spicy Mango 245g

Gold Medal Winner 2016 Australian Foods Awards


Spicy Mango  (Liquid Gold!) with 80% Australian Mangoes

Every pantry needs an all occasion condiment and Culinary House Spicy Mango is that versatile!

Serve as:

*a dip with corn chips,

*a side with curries

*a spread with breads

*an enhancement with Grilled Fish, Chicken and Pork   



Beetroot Relish with Ginger Silver Medal Winner 2015. 


An extraordinary blend of natural beetroot sweetness without the earthy overtones.

Delivering a bite which can only be achieved using lots of root ginger.

Overall the taste is fresh, slightly sweet then sharp and lingers with beautiful balance.

A fresh alternative with sashimi, a lovely accompaniment to grilled salmon, white fish, chicken and pork; include in hamburgers, summer salads, canopies, cheeses and savoury dips. 









Tomato Relish with Mustard Seeds
Bronze Medal Winner 2012  


Traditional old style with over 60% Tomato content combined with all the flavours of contemporary living.  Without doubt this Relishis the most flexible condiment in your pantry.  Experience further taste sensations as the mustard seeds explode in your mouth.

Spread on toast and serve with poached, fried or scrambled eggs.  Great in sandwiches, bagels etc with cold cuts of beef, lamb, pork or cheese.
Try with your favourite cheese platter.  This simply goes with almost everything.  When all else fails, try this. 




Tomato Salsa with Chipotle 

Bronze Medal Winner 2014

We have combined ripe, juicy Tomatoes with  Chipotle (smoked jalepeno chilli which has a wonderful warmth and depth of flavour) for a full flavoured rich hearty taste that lovingly lingers long after the initial taste.   Not for the faint hearted but ideal for those who enjoy some added warmth in their life!!!!
Brilliant with Hamburgers, meat loaf,  roast beef and BBQ meats.
Use as a Pizza base, with pasta  dishes and cheese sauces. For a quick snack, try spreading on toast,  cover with tasty cheddar cheese and grill.   


Sensational Stir Fry SauceSensational Stir Fry Sauce

 Stir Fry - Chilli Ginger and Soy.


 '1 Jar will make approximately 2 kg of stir fry'.       

Gluten and Fructose Free. 

Fresh Aromatic tastes of Asia.  Quick, Simple, Light & Healthy,

Easy to use. Use as a stir through or marinade.  Perfect for green Prawn meat, thin sliced pork, chicken, beef or chopped vegetables. Marinade larger portions prior to cooking.

Just add two to three tablespoons for each 100g of food and
stir through until cooked.  For prawns or seafood add a
squeeze of lime juice before removing from pan.