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Culinary House is an affordable premium range of dessert sauces...

boasting real ingredients including premium cocoas, fruits and milk products.
Culinary House is a ‘designer range’ offering flavours for everyday use as well as festive and seasonal occasions.



Chilli Chocolate 

Lactose free (no dairy, butter fats or oils)

A great dipping sauce for fresh fruit platters of chilled fresh strawberries, assorted melon pieces, pineapple, banana etc.  Drizzle over  fruit salad sundays or simply over ice cream.  Add two teaspoons into your favourite latte... even better on cold mornings!! 


Maple Syrup

Don’t spend $16+ on an import… Try our Aussie made option at half the price. Similar smooth flavour and definitely not ‘thin’ to pool on the plate. We challenge you to try….you will be back to buy!